15 Signs you have a heart for social justice

15 Signs you have a heart for social justice

Welcome to 2015! Last year was a tremendously exciting and positive year at Common Good, but this year we want to make an even greater impact. And we need your help to do so!

But perhaps you’re thinking, ‘I’m not sure this social justice is my thing!’ Maybe you’re wondering ‘How do I know I’m the right person to get involved?’ Or perhaps you’re asking, ‘Should I get involved this year again?’

Well, hopefully these 15 signs will help clarify things and help you identify (or remind you of) your heart for social justice. Do you recognise yourself in any?

1. You’re that one person always make the circle bigger
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Because you love bringing people from different communities, cultures, backgrounds etc together.

2. You get excited when you see/hear of people whose lives are impacted for good

Like the time you discovered that most of the micro-entrepreneurs who attended the Paradigm Shift Progamme saw a 200% increase in their revenue!

3. You’re the first to volunteer

Because you know that, even if you can only give 30 minutes of your time and talent, you can can impact our city for good.

4. You’re that person who gets your friends excited about signing up too 

Because the more, the merrier and the greater the impact can be!

5. You take note of the news

And, more importantly, find yourself moved to do something whenever you read about a story of injustice.

6. You believe nothing is impossible 
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Like changing the fact that one in four South Africans are unemployed or that 65% of grade 3 learners can’t read appropriately. #WeCanDoIt

7. You’re always sharing and reposting

Especially Common Good Blog posts and Facebook updates. Because, sharing is really caring.

8. You give the Big Issue seller at the traffic light a high-five

Because you may not always be able to buy a copy of the magazine, but you know that a simple acknowledgement gives him dignity.

9. You’re already plotting out what you’re doing for TWD 2015

Because you know that 100% of the funds go towards addressing Cape Town’s employment, education and early childhood development needs.

10. You’ve signed up for Social Justice 101

Because knowledge is power! And you want to be equipped on how to respond to poverty and injustice. (You find out more about it here).

11. You know not to give impractical items as donations

Especially if the items are broken or the person who will receive them will have no use for it. (Find more info on Giving with Dignity here.)

12. You know the name (and some details of the life of) the homeless man who often knocks on your door

Because building relationships – listening to people and sharing stories with them – is key to social justice.

13. You’ve started a petition for a cause close to your heart

Because it takes just one person to set change in motion.

14. You don’t let time or talent stop you

Because you know that you can also share your treasure. And if you do (with the right organisation/s) you can empower them to continue the work they do. (If you would like to make a donation to Common Good, please click here.)

15. You know the power of prayer
Because humbling ourselves before God and asking for his guidance in how to respond will bring Him all the glory. It also sets our hearts right for any opportunity that comes our way.

Did you recognise yourself in any of them? Would you like to add anything to the list? Please share your ideas, thoughts and heart with us!

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