The Value of Motherhood

The Value of Motherhood

Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying “All that I am or hope to be I owe to my mother”. This is profoundly true and underlines the goal we have in the Champions for Children programme: to empower and equip women to provide the necessary care and support for their growing children to reach their potential. As we reach Mother’s Day, we reflect on a recent graduation moment in the Champions for Children programme. We celebrated motherhood. We celebrated community. We celebrated what God has done in the lives of a wide range of moms from our city.

One thing that we love seeing is the women growing in the pride of being a mother, that it is something to celebrate. Jacqueline, one of the moms in the programme affirmed this when she said, “This programme opened my heart to see my motherhood from a different perspective. I now believe that I am a good mom, and that I have the emotional means to make my child happy”.

Megan, a carer within True North shared the key note address, beautifully highlighting the view that God has of mothers. She described how God looks upon mothers and sees the heart and care for their children. He values the important role they have to play, and takes them on a journey of ‘self’, through which they discover their identity as a ‘child of God’.

Mothers are mirrors for their children – as children mimic the attitudes, values, thoughts and behaviours of their mothers. This is a primary motivator for moms to maintain and nurture their relationship with God. Their own spiritual journey will enable them to live in a way that draws their children closer to God.

Key to the Champions for Children programme is fostering a network of care and support. Building community around a shared interest or stage of life is a powerful part of transformation. There were many stories shared of building into each others’ lives. We celebrated that motherhood is not merely something that has to be done alone. One of the carers from Rondebosch, Lucinda, encouraged the moms present: “let us as mothers and sisters in Christ, continue to journey with one another; praying for the flourishing of each other’s children and relationship with God as He propels us on to becoming better equipped mothers.”

Beyond the call to be mothers who provide the best care for their children, the women were all challenged to take further steps in self-development. Whilst a massive role, requiring dedication, sacrifice and growth, motherhood is not the only responsibility women have. Ayesha, one of the moms in the programme, shared, “I have lately been asking God what my next move would be, having had no defined direction for my life. I am so grateful to God for opening the door for me to be a part of the Champions for Children programme. From this experience, I now know where I stand with the Lord.”

This Mother’s Day, would you consider the powerful role that mothers play, and what you could be doing to help women become better mothers.

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