Live Under The Line


As Christ-followers, the Bible calls us to love our neighbours – the most vulnerable in our city – by acting justly and loving mercy, but for most of us the big question is: How do we do this?

Acting justly towards our neighbours starts with humility – by identifying with the most vulnerable, and by asking God to help us see the world through His eyes and show us how He wants us to participate in His redemption plan.

As South Africans, our neighbours include the 12 million people living under the food poverty line of around R11 per day for food.

The Challenge

So with that being said, we’re inviting you to join the Live Under The Line (LUTL) challenge by living on R11 per person per day for food for three consecutive days. It’s a great way to recognise and identify with the vulnerable in our city as well as grow our capacity to better love our neighbours.

Take the challenge!

To assist you in this journey and challenge – whether you’ll be doing it alone, with your family or with your friends – we’ve packaged helpful guidelines, reflection points and recipes into a downloadable LUTL Toolkit.