God has called us to be generous with our possessions because they are a gift. After all, we are merely stewards of our stuff, not owners.
So, this winter when thousands of people will be affected by the cold and rain, join us in blessing those who need it most with good quality clothes and blankets.

Here are a few guidelines in how to be generous with your clothes and blankets:

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Do you have good quality clothing you haven’t worn in the last while or blankets that you don’t use? Are they in a good condition? Go through your wardrobe and ask yourself:

  • Would this item give someone dignity?
  • How would I feel if I received it?
  • Does it reflect and honour Christ’s heart for the recipient?

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Who could make use of these items? It could be an organisation that engages with people who need your clothes. Or it may be someone in your sphere.


To help you know where to give, we have put together a list of organisations we love and whose work we believe in. When you give to these organisations, your clothes will be distributed in a way that gives people a hand up and not a hand out. Click here to see a list of organisations near you that you can bless.

We’re encouraging Common Grounders to contact the organisations directly to arrange a time and day to drop off your items – our hope is to see a growing number of people in our community make connections and get to know the needs of our city better.

We also want to be a generous community in all seasons – not just winter. The organisations listed here can be contacted all year round to arrange a drop off. So, why not consider them when you have clothes to give in the warmer months?


Maybe there is someone you come across in your every day life who ar in need or know others in need of your clothes. Remember:

  • Don’t assume you know what people need. Always ask, and offer your clothes in a way that  you might offer to a family member or a good friend.
  • Giving always happens best when a relationship exists between the giver and the recipient. It’s easier to say ‘no thanks’ when you know someone well.

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The state of the clothes and the way you package them communicates a message. As Christians we want to give in a way that communicates our belief that people are made in the image of God:

  • Make sure all clothes are clean and are in a good condition. If an item needs fixing – like a button or hem needs to be sewn – please send a few minutes to do so before passing it on.
  • Iron and neatly fold them
  • Use clear bags to package your gifts as opposed to black bags, which have connotations of rubbish and garbage.

We love a generous heart, but please do not give:

  • Items that are stained, torn or beyond repair
  • Underwear
  • Dirty clothes
  • Anything that is broken or not working properly
  • Toys that are battery operated or have pieces missing

What about other stuff? 

Giving clothes away is just one way to give. We want to be generous community that steward our time, talent and treasures in every area of our lives.

If you have toys, books, furniture or other items you would like to give away, please email us and we will connect you to a relevant organisation.

Go deeper: a lifestyle of generosity

Our hope is that we continually learn to give in a way that results in our city flourishing. Check out these articles for deeper insights on how to give to people in need: